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Cudighi; AKA Yooper Sausage

The first time we had spaghetti at Pilgrim River Steak House in Houghton Michigan, something seemed off. The spaghetti tasted sweet! At first I thought it was just me, but after a few more bites I noticed there was a note of cinnamon and/or clove in the sauce. You might be reading this thinking that’s

Warm up this St. Patty’s Day

We know what we’re doing this St. Patty’s Day! You can find us at the KBC – the Keweenaw Brewing Company for you non-locals. It’s a great atmosphere with some delicious craft beers. “The KBC taproom is located in the center of historic downtown Houghton. Its rustic barn-wood interior welcomes all with cozy, homey comfort.

Drive Off the Winter Blues

Well, folks, it’s mid-February. We’re in the latter part of winter and all the cold, sickness and snow-blowing is getting real old real fast. Remember when you could just run outside to get the mail without putting on 14 layers of clothes? Yeah, me neither. According to, snowmobiling is a powerful outdoor recreation that

Joy Ride, Snow Ride!

It’s that time of year when snowmobilers are everywhere in the U.P. And we don’t blame them! Snowmobiling is a lifestyle. It’s the freedom of the open trail. The power of the engine. And the smooth feel of gliding across the fresh white snow that gets drivers to come back year over year, booking their