Drive Off the Winter Blues

Well, folks, it’s mid-February. We’re in the latter part of winter and all the cold, sickness and snow-blowing is getting real old real fast. Remember when you could just run outside to get the mail without putting on 14 layers of clothes? Yeah, me neither.

According to, snowmobiling is a powerful outdoor recreation that helps combat the winter blues. It provides both a great physical workout and supports strong mental health.

Our cabins are usually booked January and February by snowmobilers as we’re near great trails and offer warm and cozy accommodations that keep the beautiful landscape that nature provides front and center. That said, we usually have rentals open in March because folks don’t plan their snowmobile trips that late in the year. March is when SPRING break happens, right?!

But what people don’t know is that in da U.P. we still have plenty of snow for snowmobilers throughout March. And what’s nice is that it’s actually quite sunny! So soak up some vitamin D, and fight those winter blues by booking a cabin rental today!