Get to Know us! A Q&A with the owners of Northwinds Adventures


Q: Why did you purchase this beautiful lot of land?

Carl: We purchased the land in June 2011. Our son was attending college at Michigan Tech and was looking for a place to stay off campus. He told us about this beautiful lot and we had to come take a look. We saw the property for the first time in March of 2011. It was covered in snow and I immediately thought, “Yes, we have to have this.”  Michelle asked why I felt so strongly about it, and honestly it was hard to explain. I felt the Lord telling me to buy the property. All we did was drive up on South Superior Road and I said I had to have it. I hadn’t even seen the lake yet! It definitely felt like there was some spiritual intervention happening because I felt called to own this property.

Q: What was your initial vision for the land?

Carl: Our original dream was to run the property much like how Camp Luther runs theirs, which is how their Keweenaw Base Camp (KBC) got established here. KBC is a Camp Luther program that specializes in group/team-building adventures and activities. So we built the pavilion in 2012 and KBC held their first summer retreats here in the summer of 2013. The dream was that, eventually, we’d donate it to Camp Luther so young adults can experience this untouched piece of beauty and feel closer to God and His design. That’s ultimately the heart behind our purchase and care of this land.

Q: Explain the transition to now offering cabin rentals?

Michelle: We renovated the Barn in 2014 to have a place for the camp director to stay. But then we decided to rent it out during the non-camp months. It took hold after a couple of weeks and we got our first renter. We then learned this could maybe be a thing; to rent out our places to generate revenue for the camp. The next place to remodel was the Love Palace (named after Love Lake). We then decided to bring on someone to run the property. From there we created the name Northwinds Adventures and the additional cabins.  Since then, we’ve been constantly growing the property and creating a unique special venue for events (weddings, reunions, company picnics, etc.)

Q: So, what’s your vision for the future?

Carl: We plan to build three more cabins, bringing our total to seven rental properties. Eventually we will split the property line, cutting the lake in half essentially. 200 acres to the West will go to Camp Luther and will include most of the cabin rentals and adventure rentals. The other 200 acres on the East side will be our personal property. We’re currently building our home on that side of the lake and will keep one of our cabins there for guests as well. Once this plan is established, there will still be seven rentals for Camp Luther to maintain and generate. After we’re done with those three cabins we’re going to build sort of a gathering area for our families; a multi-family cabin residence that will have a shared central area with a kitchen and four offshoots with room and board that would fit up to 24 people.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about life in the U.P.?

Michelle: The peace. Most of the year it’s quiet.

Carl: The scenery, the untouched earth that God made is very much intact. There’s no blacktop cement, buildings.

Michelle: Just, the beauty is something to behold.

Carl: It’s really neat to have a place where we have something special with the lake. Someplace where people can enjoy it and have life-changing experiences. To get them out of the difficulty of the everyday grind.


Q: How do you make it through those tough winters?

Carl: Vodka! Haha!

Michelle: We take trips to warm destinations, we make sure to keep the fire stoked – just hearing that crackle every day keeps you warm. It’s really not too bad, it’s just long. So we make sure we take the time to enjoy it! We go snowmobiling a lot and just take it all in.

Carl: We’re not the norm here in Keweenaw. It’s kind of cool when you hear how 12″ of snow will shut down the whole world. For us, getting 12″ of snow in an afternoon is normal; we don’t think anything of it. We’re a special breed up here; we’re tough!

If you’re interested in booking a cabin to experience the beauty for yourself, call 920-606-5639 or visit 

Cudighi; AKA Yooper Sausage

The first time we had spaghetti at Pilgrim River Steak House in Houghton Michigan, something seemed off. The spaghetti tasted sweet! At first I thought it was just me, but after a few more bites I noticed there was a note of cinnamon and/or clove in the sauce. You might be reading this thinking that’s really weird or even off-putting, but actually it’s become my favorite dish at Pilgrim River!

Turns out, this is a Yooper thing!

Cudighi is a spicy Italian sausage seasoned with sweet spices that can be bought in links or served as a sandwich on a long, hard roll, often with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Although it originated in Italy, it is now primarily served in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the United States. Thus it has been dubbed “Yooper Sausage.”

If you don’t take my word for it, you need to try it yourself! You will not be disappointed – whether you have a sweet tooth or not!

Pilgrim River Steak House is located on Highway 41 in Houghton, Michigan.


Warm up this St. Patty’s Day

We know what we’re doing this St. Patty’s Day! You can find us at the KBC – the Keweenaw Brewing Company for you non-locals. It’s a great atmosphere with some delicious craft beers.

“The KBC taproom is located in the center of historic downtown Houghton. Its rustic barn-wood interior welcomes all with cozy, homey comfort. A large fireplace area, outfitted with couches and footrests, completes the inviting scene. For the truly obsessed, the fragrance of hops, the heat from the kettle of our 16 bbl brewing system, offer further reasons to venture this far north for a visit.”

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere, check out the fun, local merchandise, and enjoy the craft brews on tap – visit the KBC next time you’re in da U.P.

If you’re looking for lodging in the Houghton area, be sure to check out our cabin rentals!

Registration is Open for Our Summer Gig

KBC - Ropes Course

Did you know that Northwinds Adventures partners with Camp Luther to host a summer camp for high school students? That’s right – we’ve got a summer gig! We provide the real estate, views and lodging; and Camp Luther recruits campers, transports them here and runs the programming.

KBC - Kayaker
A KBC camper checks out the view from a kayak.

Northwinds is Camp Luther’s Keweenaw Base Camp (KBC), and KBC offers several different faith-based camp programs. They all aim to provide campers with a close-knit community feel, intentional group building and incredible adventure and service experiences. KBC is also available for corporate or group retreats!

Registration is open for all KBC summer camps, and if you bring a friend who is new to KBC you’ll each get $75.00 off the registration fee.

KBC - Waterfront
A group of campers watches the sunset over the water.

If summer camp isn’t your thing, our cabin rentals are still available throughout the summer months! It’s a busy season but we’re happy to host anyone who’d like to explore everything the Keweenaw Peninsula has to offer.

Drive Off the Winter Blues

Well, folks, it’s mid-February. We’re in the latter part of winter and all the cold, sickness and snow-blowing is getting real old real fast. Remember when you could just run outside to get the mail without putting on 14 layers of clothes? Yeah, me neither.

According to, snowmobiling is a powerful outdoor recreation that helps combat the winter blues. It provides both a great physical workout and supports strong mental health.

Our cabins are usually booked January and February by snowmobilers as we’re near great trails and offer warm and cozy accommodations that keep the beautiful landscape that nature provides front and center. That said, we usually have rentals open in March because folks don’t plan their snowmobile trips that late in the year. March is when SPRING break happens, right?!

But what people don’t know is that in da U.P. we still have plenty of snow for snowmobilers throughout March. And what’s nice is that it’s actually quite sunny! So soak up some vitamin D, and fight those winter blues by booking a cabin rental today!

Snow Bunnies’ Getaway

Winter is in full swing! If you think you’ve got a lot of snow, you should check out the UP!

Around the middle of January, our little marketing team of three (based in Green Bay, WI) made a whirlwind overnight trip up to Northwinds Adventures. Our main objective was to capture the beauty of the 220-acre property in photos and video to use as marketing collateral. We also had some fun while we were there!

Houghton, MI is about a four-hour drive from Green Bay, not counting any bathroom breaks or stops to eat. Gas stations do become few and far between north of Crivitz, so definitely plan ahead. Satellite radio is also fantastic to keep the 90’s tunes playing outside the reach of FM stations (because what else do you listen to on a girls’ trip?)

We arrived in Houghton at about noon—11 am our time— and popped into the grocery store for a few items, then grabbed lunch at Culver’s across the parking lot before heading to our destination.

Northwinds is only a few minutes outside of Houghton, and the drive is beautiful. Snow-dusted trees line the road as it curves and dips through the rocky, hilly terrain. Glimpses of a rushing, icy creek peek through the dense pines dotted with quaint cabins. Suddenly, the landscape opens to a rolling clearing blanketed in pure white.

Beyond this old farm field is the jewel of Northwinds; Love Lake. It’s currently frozen over and covered in white like everything else, but that only makes the sprinkling of warm, orangey-brown log cabins stand out like welcoming beacons in the cold.

Walleye Cabin

We stayed in the Brook Trout Cabin, one of two mirror-image two-bedroom cabins on the property. Da Barn and Love Palace are also available to rent, but the smaller cabin was just right for the three of us.

Brook Trout Cabin
Da Barn

We unloaded our truck and stocked the full-size fridge with essentials, then headed out to take some pictures. We spent about an hour out and about before returning to our cabin to warm up with some snacks and games.

The afternoon was beautiful, clear and sunny, and the intense blue sky reflected off the sparkling snow. Unfortunately, the clouds had begun rolling in by the time the sun set; a hint at what was to come overnight.

We met our gracious hosts, Carl and Michelle, out for dinner at The Pilgrim River Steakhouse, where we enjoyed some great food and learned about the slightly funky variation of spaghetti that Yoopers consider normal.

After dinner, the three of us headed downtown to check out Keweenaw Brewing Company and to grab a few pictures of the city at night.

Houghton’s famous lift bridge

Upon returning to our home away from home, we sat around on the comfy couches for a while, wrapped up in cozy blankets. We debated starting a fire in the wood stove, but opted against it. The modern convenience of a digital thermostat and furnace kept the cabin very comfortable! We decided to turn in early and headed off to bed.

We awoke in the morning to grey darkness and swirling lake-effect snow. With the time-zone difference, the sun doesn’t really come up until about 8:30 this time of year. The delayed morning allowed us to get caffeinated and make ourselves a nice breakfast in the fully-equipped kitchen before starting the new day.

The sun finally rose, and the wonderland that emerged outside was dusted with the softest powdery snow, the light in the sky was beautifully diffused, and everything looked like a winter dream. Big, fluffy snowflakes tumbled down from above, and we couldn’t help but catch them on our tongues.

Our little hike took us down near the edge of Love Lake. The brightly-colored paddleboards hibernate, dripping in sparkling icicles on their rack behind earthy piles of firewood, dreaming of the short but sweet summer season that seems so distant in the hush of winter.

In contrast to the ethereal silence of the morning, Carl and Michelle showed up to their photoshoot on a neon green snowmobile… wearing T-rex costumes. We all laughed, Merle barked, the snowmobile engine revved, and sadly it was time to pack up and head back to Green Bay.

Back to real life.

Joy Ride, Snow Ride!

It’s that time of year when snowmobilers are everywhere in the U.P. And we don’t blame them! Snowmobiling is a lifestyle. It’s the freedom of the open trail. The power of the engine. And the smooth feel of gliding across the fresh white snow that gets drivers to come back year over year, booking their stay at one of our cabin rental properties.

Here are some useful links as you head out this snowmobile season!

  1. Keweenaw Peninsula Trail Map
  2. Daily Trail Condition Report – Keweenaw Peninsula
  3. Snowmobile Safety Tips
  4. Find a Snowmobile Dealer Near You

Have a fun snowmobile season and stay safe out there!

Winter Adventure Awaits!

Who says vacation has to be a week at the beach? We’re just as happy with a weekend dedicated to fun winter activities and cozying up next to the fireplace.

Northwinds Adventures has the fireplace covered, and the fun winter activities you enjoy are up to you. Here’s a short list of our favorite events:

After you book your stay with us, check out even more adventures Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has to offer!

Northwinds Adventures announces late winter / early spring rates!

As I type this on February 20th, it’s snowing outside and there is more in the forecast.  The area has received anywhere 180″ to well over 210″ depending on where it’s measured and the conditions for winter sports has been and remains excellent.

But like any business, we always need to be looking a little bit ahead and that means late winter / early spring when the weather and snow conditions become more difficult to predict causing the tourism traffic to the Keweenaw to diminish considerably.


Beginning March 19th and ending April 30th, the rates for our vacation homes will be reduced…

Love Palace, 3 bedroom, 2 bath $150 per night (normally $325)

Brook Trout and Walleye, 2 bedroom, 1 bath $100 per night (normally $200)

Da Barn, 1.5 bedroom, 1.5 bath $100 per night (normally $175)

*To receive these rates, you must book directly through us and not through the website.

For availability and reservations contact:

Michelle Treankler 920 606 5639

Rob Ozarowicz 920 621 2176

This “shoulder season” between winter and spring is one of my favorite seasons up here.  The first hints of spring and rebirth are in the air and the temperatures are typically much warmer with average highs ranging from the high 20’s to the high 40’s as you move into April.  This creates beautiful warm sunshiny days on melting snow pack perfect for snowshoeing to the many local waterfalls that will be starting to crank up for spring.  There is even a unique shore fishing opportunity in Copper Harbor for splake once the ice moves out!

Hunters point, snowshoeing and splake fishing

Hunters point, snowshoeing and splake fishing

Hungarian Falls

Hungarian Falls

This is also the time of year that we have historically tapped the maples on the property to make syrup.  Last year, we added an awesome custom made syrup cooker (a.k.a. The KBC  – kick butt cooker) to the mix so our batch capacity is much bigger now.  If you book a stay while we are making syrup, we’d love for you to join in the fun and learn a little bit about the process (or teach us a thing or two!) and maybe even take a bottle home as a tasty souvenir!

Merle and fresh batch of syrup!

Merle and fresh batch of syrup!

Shootin' da breeze is essential to the boiling process.

Shootin’ da breeze is essential to the boiling process.

The bottom line is, there is still “lots” to do in the Keweenaw Peninsula even after we’ve gotten through the heart of winter.  In fact, if you make the trip up between winter and spring, it just may become your favorite time of year!  Come and see for yourself!



Northwinds Adventures is Canoecopia bound!

Canoecopia, billed as the largest consumer paddlesport show in the world, is held in Madison, Wisconsin each year in March and signals the start of the paddlesport buying and trip planning season in upper Midwest.

This year, we are hitting the road to promote the Keweenaw Peninsula as a “can’t miss” paddling and outdoor adventure destination and of course, Northwinds Adventures as THE place to call home when you are visiting the area.  We will also be promoting a couple of events we have on the calendar for 2018.  The first event is the 4th of July Family Camp.  It takes place July 1st to July 6th and features some fun family friendly excursions, daily breakfast, and plenty of free time to enjoy our camp and everything else the Keweenaw has to offer.  Lodging options range from beautiful 1,2, or 3 bedroom vacation homes to rustic, summer camp style wall tents.

Paddle Board fun on our private lake

Paddle Board fun on our private lake

The Pines wall tent village

The Pines wall tent village

September has Northwinds Adventures partnering with Northology to create the Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat ( K.O.A.R. ).  This event will bring the Midwest Overland community together along with some vendors for some early fall fun and community building.

Overland sunrise at Northwinds Adventures

Overland sunrise at Northwinds Adventur

Enjoying the waterfront on Love Lake

Enjoying the waterfront on Love Lake








In the meantime, check out Northwinds Adventures on Facebook to stay on top of everything we have going on!