Our Story

The History of Northwinds Adventures

Farm Life

Every place has a story; Northwinds Adventures is no different.  Situated on 220 acres with the beautiful spring fed, 10-acre Love Lake as the focal point, Northwinds Adventures is truly a unique property.  The old homestead, rock fence lines and antique farm implements still “hidden” around the property tell a tale of farming and living off the land before mining arrived in the Keweenaw.


Love Lake

Love Lake was built in the 1960s by a local businessman.  With several springs flowing year round through the property, once the lake bed was dug out, it did not take long before all of the natural springs created a fertile, 25-foot deep, 10-acre jewel.


Northwinds Goose Camp

Previously, the Northwinds property operated as a commercial goose hunting camp.  We are located along a main migration route and our 8-acre Glacier Marsh and Love Lake are a popular rest stop for waterfowl of all kinds.  Based on the waterfowl population on the property these days, there is no doubt the hunters who came through camp enjoyed successful hunting trips in a beautiful setting.


Keweenaw Base Camp

Back in the summer of 2012, current owner Carl Treankler toured the property when the previous owners were looking to retire.  It was pretty close to love at first sight, and shortly thereafter, Carl was the proud owner and needed to figure out he was going to do with it!

Enter Camp Luther, a Christian Bible Camp in Three Lakes, Wisconsin…

Carl and his long time business partners, Larry Treankler and Terry Handstedt (Bay Tek Games, MCL Industries, LMG Presses, Green Bay Blizzard), have been generous in their support of Camp Luther over the last 30 years, and the decision was made to develop the land into an adventure base camp for the 15-18-year-old campers from Camp Luther.  Unlike most summer camps, where the campers arrive and rarely leave the property for the duration of their stay, Keweenaw Base Camp (as the name implies) functions as a base of operations while the campers venture out during the day on exciting kayak trips, mine tours, waterfalls hikes and mountain bike excursions.  This relationship continues as we enter our fifth year of hosting campers from Camp Luther/Keweenaw Base Camp from mid-June to mid-August.


Northwinds Adventures Today

In the more than four years that the Keweenaw Base Camp was established, there have been old, unusable buildings knocked down, some buildings completely renovated and others built from scratch.  Last year, it occurred to everyone involved that we needed to expand our operations beyond simply serving Camp Luther for nine weeks out of the year.

Rob Ozarowicz, previously having worked for Bay Tek Games in various sales and operational roles, had been participating as an Advisory Board Member for Keweenaw Base Camp.  Late night conversations and lots of legit during-the-day planning led to Rob and his wife Teri selling their home in Green Bay in March of 2016 and moving to the Houghton area to officially become citizens of the U.P.! With Carl and Michelle keeping the infrastructure intact and growing to meet our needs, Rob and Teri oversee the marketing, promotion, directional planning and day-to-day operations of Northwinds Adventures.