Where the highway ends: Northwinds Adventures offers guided UTV tours


Are you making the trip to the Houghton area and looking for something fun to do that takes you038 off the beaten path? Copper Harbor lies about 45 miles northeast of Northwinds Adventures and marks the northern most point of Highway 41. If you choose, you can turn right around and head 1990 miles south,  ending up in Miami, FL. However, if you have a taste for adventure, you can explore beyond Copper Harbor, past the end of Highway 41 and see some very cool, interesting (not to mention gorgeous) sites. Even though the paved highway ends, there is a substantial network of trails, gravel and 019logging roads to be explored, some of which lead right up to the waters edge! With a Jeep, truck or other high clearance vehicle, much of this area is accessible to you. However, if you are reluctant to t020ake your sedan or minivan into an area that may lay claim to your muffler or bumper, consider booking a guided UTV tour with Northwinds Adventures. Our late model Kawasaki Teryx 4’s are capable and comfortable and can get you to places that would otherwise be very difficult to access. You’ll see Horseshoe Harbor, The Point Trail, High Rock Bay, the NASA Missile Launch Site, Keystone Bay and Fishermans Cove. Generally the tour takes about 4 hours. Even though we’ll be doing the driving, you’re the boss!  If you’d like to ling030er on a beach and look for the ever elusive Lake Superior Agate or simply sit back and relax and listen to the waves, you are welcome to do so.  We’ll meet you at the trailhead in Copper Harbor so you’ll have your vehicle for shopping and dining once the tour is over.  We can take 3 passengers on one machine, if you require more seats, we’ll take two! Tours will be offered into the fall until the weather no longer cooperates and will begin after the snow leaves in Spring.  Contact Rob if you’d like to discuss dates and rates!  rozarowicz@gmail.com  ph. 920 621 2176